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Loving Care for Your Small and Large Animals
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Welcome to Hedy's Pet Sitting!

Hedy's Pet Sitting provides professional, loving care for your pets in your home or at your farm while you are away. No little cages or boarding stalls for them! They remain in their own surroundings, which makes them  happier, more content, and stress free. Your pets will receive the attention and love they are used to having. We treat your pets like they're our very own and each visit is personalized to meet the specific needs of you and your pets.

Serving the Hood River, OR and Mosier, OR area.

If you are like us, you hate leaving your pets in unfamiliar surroundings when you travel.  You can arrange for friends and neighbors to take care of your pets at home, but often, they're too busy, and you don't want to impose.

You will have a much better time on your trip knowing your critters are safe at home.

We provide security for your home, altering lights, watering plants, bringing in mail, taking out trash, and just giving your home that lived in look.

We take care - when you are not there!

Why use Hedy's Pet Sitting?

  • Your pets are much happier in their own home instead of an unfamiliar place
  • Your pets are able to play and sleep in their familiar places
  • We provide daily exercise to keep your pets fit and healthy
  • Keeping your pets home takes away the hassle of transporting them
  • Your pets are not exposed to other animals, diseases or parasites.
  • Family & friends will not be inconvenienced by your pets
  • We give you the peace of mind by knowing that your pets are cared for and
    your house is looked after while you are away by a professional pet sitter.
"There is no place like home!"
Wedel Berner

Hood River + Mosier, OR




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